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GnD-256+ is a high level broad spectrum, single step, neutral pH and hard surface disinfectant. Primarily developed for usage in healthcare industry such as hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, diagnostic labs, dental clinics and pharma units. GnD-256+ is specially formulated for surface disinfection of walls, floors, hospital beds, tables, chairs, trolleys, stretcher trolleys, furnitures, patient care items, O.T., etc.
  • Certified Product
  • Eco Friendly
  • In Stock

Area of application

  • Hospital
  • School
  • Communities Factories Enterprises &
  • Institutions
  • Club Exhibitions Construction sites
  • Supermarkets Shopping malls
  • Stations Airports Banks Hotels

Salient Features:-

  • Kill viruses, bacteria & fungi within 10 minutes
  • Safe for materials like flooring, metals, glass & furniture
  • Non staining, Non-Irritating & Non corrosive
  • Non hazardous
  • Useful for laundromat purpose
  • Biodegradability Certified*

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