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Daily sanitizing and disinfection of surfaces and objects that are touched often, such as desks, countertops, doorknobs, computer keyboards, hands-on learning items, faucet handles, phones, and toys is very important. Some schools may also require daily disinfecting these items. Standard procedures often call for disinfecting specific areas of the school, like bathrooms.

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When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting in schools and institutions, prevention is the key and one of the most effective cures.Our High-performance Disinfectants” and Overall, cleanliness to Overall Sanitization of the area and appearance level of your school along with reducing the health risks to students, staff, and visitors. Our disinfectants clean and kill bacteria, viruses, germs, mold, and mildew to create healthy learning environments for students and reduced absenteeism for students and staff.
With a massive reduction in tourism globally in last 2 years, the hospitality industry is recovering now and incorporation of industry-defining standards in hygiene practice and cleanliness from check-in to check-out is the mandate. Hygiene, cleanliness, and safety have gained attention after public health disasters.

Here are the Application Areas:

  • Conference Rooms; Class Rooms & teachers rooms; Kitchens; Canteens
  • Common Areas viz. reception; Swimming Pools; Gyms; Labs; activity rooms etc.
  • Personnel Hygiene; Air and Surface Disinfection
  • CIPs; Storage Tanks; Linens