About Us

Ace Chemical Agencies

One – stop solution for all your disinfection needs

Ace Chemical Agencies is a leading supplier of world-class eco-friendly disinfection solutions having a diverse experience of decades for complete aerial, water and surface, Equipment, Linen, etc. disinfection. We provide a full range of world-class disinfection solutions for fighting and controlling microorganisms’ adverse impact on health and the environment. Ace is a trusted name with some of the biggest and the best Brands in the Pharma and F&B Industries. They use our Products to contain micro-organisms and ensure that their manufacturing process is bacteria-free.

Ace has established itself as a supplier of international standard quality products. Our parent companies’ sprawling infrastructures house sub-functional departments like Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Research & Development along with its adept specialists, skilled manufacturing chemists, and decades-long experience has enabled us to serve the demand of our diverse clientele with world-class quality disinfection solutions. All our products undergo a stringent quality check process at every stage of development.

Ace is trusted by major pharmaceutical companies, vaccine manufacturing companies, research & life science, formulations, test labs, corporates, hospitals, educational institutes, dairies, the food industry as well as small businesses and domestic users for their disinfection needs.

Virosil PharmaTM is a patented formulation manufactured in India. Virosil is a Swiss patented eco-friendly, non-toxic disinfectant and fumigant (aerosol), which has been certified as safe and effective. Our Eco-Friendly disinfectant is being used by leading USFDA approved pharma companies in India and has been thoroughly tested by German Society for Hygiene & Microbiology, the Food & Drug Administration (MS), Public Health Department of Switzerland, and by various Healthcare Departments of Western Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

We have authorized dealers of M/S Raman & Weil, specialists of hi-tech disinfectants in the Indian Healthcare industry, audited and certified by WHO GMP certificate for Quality Manufacturing practices. Raman & Weil has had an active and exclusive collaboration for 33 years, with the internationally-renowned manufacturer BODE Chemie / Hartmann, Germany, the makers of Sterillium®.

We are also an authorized distributor of Disinfection products being manufactured by M/s Nanz Medscience Pharma, a subsidiary of M/s Med Science Canada, in a state-of-the-art facility. The range of disinfectants is an outcome of extensive research and development in the pharmaceuticals & health verticals. The manufacturing process integrates excellent quality in the product range owing to a well-balanced & well-structured QC Deptt accredited by GLP.

Our Mission

Ace Group objective is to achieve the vision is by offering quality Products & Services which will:

  • Delight valued Business Associates and all stake holders by offering Innovative and Technology driven Products on time and as a value proposition.
  • Mutual respect to all and adopting to Global Best Practices by continually imparting knowledge and education across the entire organization.
  • Adherence to all required legal, social and Environment Compliances

Our Vision

ACE Group Vision is to be the Number 1 Products & Service Provider (for World Class Disinfectants, Fumigants & Equipment and related miscellaneous products) in INDIA with a Horizon to expand Globally.

Why choose Our Products:

Eco-friendly world class disinfectants.

Certified byCSIR, Shree Ram Labs, Govt Labs and many NABL accredited & Internationals Labs.

High efficiency for eradication of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, fungi, and all kinds of microorganisms including enveloped viruses like Corona family.

Best solution for disinfection decontamination and pathogen control in various industries.

Long lasting controlled effects.

Tasteless, colourless, odourless, non-allergic , stainless.

Non-carcinogenic & non-mutagenic.

Highly cost effective (much cheaper in comparison with disinfection services in the market)

Removes and prevents biofilm

Safe - possess no harm to humans, animals, plants when used as per protocols.

Our products reach even unreachable areas - It can penetrate even the cracks and creases of wall instruments when used in fumigation.

We maintain the highest standards of hygiene and disinfection.