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WETTASK with Bacillol 25 Surface Wiping System – (Pre-saturate Instant disinfection in 25 seconds. The compact, self contain close system gives a, hygenic Wet Wipe, that is safe, simple, reliable and convenient.Wettask with Bacillol@ 25 Surface wipes are pre-saturated with the surface disinfectant Bacillol 2! which is a time tested, aldehyde free, quick acting, bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal with material protectors. Dries rapidly without residue.

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Area of application

Bacillol 25 wipes, a convenient portable system, has wide usage and can be used for instant focused disinfection on water-sensitive,aldehyde sensitive surfaces & devices in NICU, ICU, ICCU, AKD, OT’s, Dental departments, Ophthalmic departments, HIV endangered areas, Pharmaceutical sterile sections, Food Processing areas etc.

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